Cool car alarm.

The owner of these two fantastic dogs and the jeep is a local character in our town. He can be seen parking the vehicle and going for a coffee with his friends, or as can be seen in this photo, parking by a supermarket in the shade of the July sun.

The dogs almost never acknowledge your presence and can be seen doing their “job”. As this was a particularly bright and hot day in July with temperatures in the low 40’s the dogs were wearing their shades. 

Two cool dogs 2

Two cool dogs 2

The logo on the side of the Jeep shows that the man is a retired member of the Green Berets, known as the Boinas Verdes in Spain.

Boinas verdes

Boinas verdes


Boinas verdes

The Special Operations Groups (GOE) are the special operations forces of the Spanish Army , also known as Green Berets .

Initially they were mainly used for guerrilla combat , but currently their function is infiltration and reconnaissance missions by any means for surveillance or observation or specific attacks, always in small groups (approximately 15-20 men) and always behind the enemy lines. Another type of mission in which it participates are the so-called NEO operations ( non-combatant evacuation operation), consisting of helping or extracting compatriots in foreign countries, normally in conflict, for their immediate evacuation or their safety.

Since May 2012 and after the Dynamic Mix-02 Exercise held in Spain and carried out by the Special Operations Command, Spain was recognized by NATO as a leading nation in this type of operations. Only the Special Units of the United States ( Navy SEALs and Delta Force ), France ( Foreign Legion ) and the United Kingdom ( Special Air Service ) had this distinction. The GOE have been part of these prestigious units ever since.

The Special Operations Command , popularly known as green berets  or guerrillas , are the Special Operations Units of the Spanish Army. It is made up of about 900 troops, specialists in various disciplines. Its headquarters is in Alicante , but the preparation is linked to the  Military School of Mountain and Special Operations in Jaca ( Huesca ). Not far from Alicante is the base of the equivalent unit of the Air Force and the Navy .

There are currently three GOE units within the Spanish Army:

  • GOE Valencia II
  • GOE Tercio del Ampurdán IV
  • Flag of Special Operations Knight Legionnaire Maderal Oleaga XIX (BOEL).



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