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Aerial photo of a village

This was a difficult restoration from the start, as the original image was framed and hanging on a wall in direct sunlight. The image was over one metre wide and had to be removed from the frame and scanned into multiple parts and then later digitally stitched together.

Sunlight and time had faded the photograph considerably but there was still a great deal of information that had been captured in the high resolution scans. The frame had protected the very edge of the image from the effects of sunlight and to some extent from damaging chemicals in the air. Using this I could rebuild the original colour of the aeirial photograph. Several other digital processes were carried out to produce the final completed image.

Grainy scan of part of a photograph

This was a very low resolution scan done by the customer, of part of a 15cm X 10cm high street chemist photograph, that had been lost years previously. The lady in the picture is Mary and the customer was her husband and wanted the photo recovered as much as possible.

The amount of data available for restoration was very low but using several manual processes and one partial artificial intelligence assisted method, the final image was colour accurate with most work being done to recover the facial features.

I’m also pleased to say that the customer was exeptionally happy with the final print.

My Father and Pele

This picture is from my collection and shown my Father playing football with Pele in East Africa in the 60’s.

It was not a difficult project but one that was dear to my heart and I felt the photo would be great to add to my family gallery.

The customer (me) was very pleased with the outcome and the price.

Removal of a person

This is something that photo restorers and manipulators do on a regular basis. Remove a person from a photograph or even add a person to a photograph.

This can be requested for many different reasons and is usually a fairly simple proceduce.

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