How we started restoring photographs?

Back in the days before computers were everywhere and certainly before Photoshop, damaged photos would have to be restored old style.

There was no copy and paste, cloning pixels, and digital manipulation was to do with exercising your fingers. If a photo had damaged or missing parts, they had to be replaced by physically painting onto a copy of the problem image. The artist’s skill was to mix and blend the paint colours, and apply them directly to the missing areas. There was not much room for error as the undo button for paint hadn’t been invented. It was a very satisfying, if time consuming technique that took many hours to complete. The finished product would then be photographed again with large format film and printed to produce the final image, ready for the customer. Times have changed but there is still a huge amount of skill necessary to perform the same repairs using modern software. Here at ProPhotoRestore we can repair or restore almost any type of image using skills that have been developed over more than 35 years.


Wedding restoration

Wedding restoration

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